Emerson OEM Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Minimize variability, reduce costs, and increase safety by using?genuine OEM?valve, actuator, and regulator spare?parts.

Your process is too valuable to use anything but OEM spare parts

While replicator parts initially may seem to cost less, you will pay more in the long run. They typically do not last as long as genuine parts, so you have to replace them more often, resulting in higher costs for additional parts and potential unplanned downtime impacting safety and?profitability. Only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are designed to the same exacting standards as used in Emerson valve manufacturing plants around the world. And only with genuine OEM parts can you be sure of compliance with international codes, standards and approvals.?

Emerson has over 50,000 parts in inventory for same day/next day shipments to anywhere in the world through its growing network of distribution centers located in Brazil, Cincinnati, China, Dubai, Hungary, Mexico City and Singapore.

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